• 2010-08-19
  • By Michael Litvinsky

The new film by Christopher Nolan is up in the best film charts. Again. The second film in a row by Nolan has produced such a tremendous resonance, both in the media and among the viewers. Some love it; some say the movie is way over-rated. Nevertheless, almost no one has stayed indifferent. Is Nolan really the new name in movie making, or are his pictures just another fad? A fad to be forgotten in a couple of years? Nobody seems to have the precise answer. However, the cinemas are still full every time “Inception” is on the screen.

As you might have noticed, the success scheme of “Inception” is quite similar to the one used in Nolan’s previous work, “The Dark Knight:” great dynamics combined with Hitchcock-level suspense and mind-blowing special effects. Nonetheless, such a, at first very simple, scheme requires 120 percent results on every level for it to be effective. And it seems that Nolan has found the right recipe, as he is being unimaginably creative on every part of the movie production.

An original and well written plot, visual effects that make “Matrix” look like low-budget trash and, of course, solid performances by almost every actor, both leading and supporting. Even Leonardo Di Caprio, who in the past few years had a tendency to play one and the same role over and over again, despite the plot and the movie, looks quite convincing, since his character is correctly written in the general idea of the film.

Still, as with every Hollywood movie nowadays, the plot has its holes, some of which will be seen at once, and some will become visible only by watching the film a couple of times. However, even if we notice some mistakes in the storyline, you completely forget about them in a couple of seconds, since the tension in the movie is so high.

So, in the end, it is hard to say whether “Inception” is going to become a classic, or will it be forgotten with time passing by. For now, it is probably the most noticeable film of the year, and is worth watching.

Now showing in all three countries.


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