Knight And Day

  • 2010-07-08
  • By Michael Litvinsky

When you look at James Mangold’s movie list as a director, you might notice that in his Hollywood career he has made a movie in almost every genre possible. From the mystical thriller “Identity,” to the romantic comedy “Kate & Leopold,” to a dynamic remake of a classic western, “3.10 to Yuma.” Despite such a great difference in genres and styles, none of the movies left the viewer unsatisfied, so the solid quality of his latest creation, “Knight and Day,” does not come as much of a surprise.

Made in the genre of a Comedy Action film, the movie gives the viewer what a solid comedy action should give: funny jokes, both verbal and visual, and tones of well made action (fire-fights, car chases, kung-fu action, etc.). All this combines with a great performance of the leading actors Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, to give you a great feeling, even when the events on the screen start to get a little bit unrealistic.

You can see by the performances of the actors (not just the leading ones) that the cast was really having fun during the shooting, and that, of course, brings a lot of sparkle in every character. It is much easier to make the line sound funny if you find it funny yourself.

Still, for the viewers who prefer to see some mind-blowing action, the movie contains dozens of action scenes, from the very beginning until the very end, so even if you don’t find the movie funny, all the action won’t let you fall asleep, either.
Even for the lovers of mystery, who keep guessing the outcome of the movie until the very end, will find in the movie something matching their taste. Spy games, double agents and all the other elements which are necessary for every spy movie logically fit into the plot and do not make the movie less entertaining.

Mangold has managed to make a successful symbiosis of several genres and still capture the essence of every one of them, which is quite a rare thing in modern movie making. It would be absolutely appropriate to call “Knight and Day” a movie suited to every fancy.

Now showing in Latvia and Estonia


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