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The Millennium's exhibition and funeral

VILNIUS - Lithuania celebrates its millennium this year. The reason for the celebration is as follow

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In response to the article on Quality Labeling

Dear TBT,In response to the article on Quality Labeling, these organizations and the

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Staying cool in Latvia's hottest seat

RIGA - Under ordinary circumstances, the office of prime minister is keenly sought by politicians. B

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Future cooperation between the Baltic States

Since the early 1990's the three Baltic states have become members of a number of international orga

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GDP drop revised upward

TALLINN - Estonia's economy shrank less than previously estimated in the second quarter compared to

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Privatization back on front burner

TALLINN - Estonia should sell its state-owned companies, or at least some of its shareholdings, and

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Task force delivers tax reform proposals

RIGA - The value-added tax rate could be increased to 23 percent in order to stimulate economic deve

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Lithuanian chemical industry remains profitable

VILNIUS - There is some great chemistry between the Lithuanian state budget and the local chemical i

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Customers keep drug makers' factories busy

TALLINN - Estonia's position in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry fell from fourth to seven

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Chemicals and pharmaceuticals 's rich traditions, bright future

RIGA - Latvia's chemical and pharmaceutical industry is one of the cornerstones of the country's com

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