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Lithuania has just taken a massive step back in a move reminiscent of a totalitarian regime: it is n

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Latvia's new VAT rules

The VAT is on the move. Gradually the systems of the various member states of the European Union con

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Media revolution

Romas Sakadolskis is an American Lithuanian journalist who grew up in the United States, but now lec

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Hotel industry thriving from environmentally sustainable business practices

RIGA - Environmental sustainability in Latvia has been developing over the past few years, first gai

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Promoting corporate environmental responsibility 

As the effects of climate change and the necessity of ecological awareness are becoming evident both

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Sustainable businesses buck the trend

NORDIC HOUSESIn a world where more people ar

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Shine a light

Directed by Martin Scorsese"Shine a light" i

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Top three Baltic souvenirs

There is no better time for traveling the Baltics than the summer season, not just for the beautiful

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Beer festival draws huge names

TALLINN - This year's Ollesummer Festival was a wild success. In addition to plenty of local brews a

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Upcoming Events - 2009-07-15

50 centJuly 30: Song Festival Grounds, Tallinn

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