Top three Baltic souvenirs

  • 2009-07-15
  • By Monika Hanley

KEEPSAKE: The Baltics are home to a distinctive variety of souvenirs, perfect as a take home reminder of a visit to the region.

There is no better time for traveling the Baltics than the summer season, not just for the beautiful beaches, but for the widened selection of souvenirs. Here are a few of the most popular tidbits from each country.


1) Balzams: No summer would be complete without an ice cold drink with a splash of refreshing Latvijas Black Balzams. This herbal beverage has a long history of healing properties and is good for colds and as a digestive aid. Mixed with soda water and currant juice, it's also a relaxing way to start the evening.

2) Handicrafts: Leather books, passport covers and photo albums, artfully designed, are a good gift to appeal to the artist within. Ceramic candlesticks, cups and bells are all available at good prices at booths lining the streets of Old Town. Quality is high and many of the artists sell their own products.

3) Honey: Used for thousands of years for medicine and cooking, Latvian honey comes in various shapes and forms. Apple blossom honey is good for everyday general use, while linden blossom honey is specifically used for treating colds and illnesses. Mixed with currant juice, it is said the mixture can cure a strong cough.
Latvian honey is available in most grocery stores, and can be bought fresh at the Central Market or specialty stores.


1) Marzipan: An unlikely souvenir item, usually linked to Germany, actually has its origins in Reval, Estonia. This city is now Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, where visitors can purchase lifelike marzipan fruits, pigs, and flowers. These and other sweets are available in specialty shops sprinkled around the Old Town.

2) Vana Tallinn: This creamy, strong drink is the Estonian answer to Jagermeister, only with 45 percent alcohol content. This sweet drink, with notes of rum and a multitude of spices is made for making cocktails or giving a dark beer a kick. Vana Tallinn is sold in almost every shop. 

3) Dolls: Traditional dolls dressed in folk costumes are a great gift for children or collectors. These handmade dolls represent the various traditional costumes of different regions in Estonia, complete with headdresses and tiny lace aprons. These dolls can be purchased in the stalls around town or in souvenir shops.


1) Trejos Devynerios: Monks first mentioned this alcoholic beverage over 1000 years ago and the drink is still popular today. Chockfull of herbs and spices, this drink is perfect on its own or mixed. The bottles are labeled with '999' and come in three different varieties all equally intriguing. The drink can be purchased at any shop or supermarket around town.

2) Krupnikas: Another liquor from a land than knows their alcohol. This strong liquor made from clover honey and herbs is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth. The drink is sometimes heated before being served, and legend has it that Benedictine monks living in Niasviz originally created the concoction.
Not just known for its taste, the beverage was also used as a disinfectant for Polish soldiers in World War II.

3) Basketball gear: Lithuania is famous for its tall, strong people and their basketball talents. At the height of basketball season, tons of jerseys, dolls, mini balls, candy and clothes all have basketball logos. For international sports fans, items can be found at many shops around town during the summer season.