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Do not lose any losses

In these scary economic days where every lats or santims matters, it is important not to waste your

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Cutting corruption

After lengthy delays Normunds Vilnitis was recently appointed head of Latvia's Corruption Prevention

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Budget amendments remain on track

RIGA - Latvia has made positive steps towards stabilization of the national economy and sustainable

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Trade deficits fall in first quarter

VILNIUS - The latest round of statistics shows that all three Baltic states are closing the gap on t

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Security firms play the waiting game

VILNIUS - Security companies are feeling the pinch as businesses and private individuals are forced

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Director: Gavin Hood"Wolverine" is a stirrin

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Angels and Demons

Director: Ron Howard The long awaited p

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The search for the perfect kebab

RIGA - Though Turks and Latvians do a lot of international business together, the one thing they hav

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For body and mind

TALLINN - With our lives getting more and more stressful everyday, most start to search for ways to

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Kaunas 's a city for zoo lovers

KAUNAS- The only zoo in Lithuania is situated in a park in the south-western part of Kaunas, in th

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