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In-house or outsourcing?

Competition and a demanding customer are the reasons customer service must be taken extremely seriou

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Rediscovering real society

VILNIUS - Countries like the Baltics that were released from communism and thrown headlong into capi

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First I must apologize for writing in English, as that is my only language. Second, my wife and I ha

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Lithuania's Iron Lady

Lithuania has turned the page on past prejudices and moved to vote in President-elect Dalia Grybausk

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Lithuania's 'culture wars'

Lithuania's newly elected head of state, Dalia Grybauskaite, is a morally upright woman who is fierc

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What next for the Estonian economy?

For a personal perspective from an emerging market specialist, The Baltic Times spoke to Kristel Kiv

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IMF urges continued cuts

TALLINN - The International Monetary Fund has said that Estonia should consider "all options" to con

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Second quarter to be harder 's Semeta

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian economy is unlikely to improve in the second quarter of 2009, Lithuanian Fi

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The right time to buy

Kaspars Klapkalns is the company manager of Laivu Depo, a Latvian yacht company, and one of the most

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Some things never stop sparkling

Marilyn Monroe knew what she was talking about when she sang that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

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