Crank: High voltage

  • 2009-05-07
  • By Jana Belugina

NO-BRAINER: Sex and violence mark the second part of the Adrenaline series, which requires very little thought to appreciate.

Directors: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

After falling from a skyscraper at the end of the previous movie, Chev Chelios is still alive and almost healthy, with the one exception that his heart has been replaced by an apparatus that runs on batteries that have to be constantly recharged.

In the first movie Chelios had to keep his adrenaline level high after being injected with a Chinese poison. This time he required an electrical jolt once per hour to keep his heart going.
The rest of the film is pretty much the same 's chasing after the guy who stole his heart, killing everyone in his way, cursing non-stop and having public intercourse with his girlfriend at a horse race track in a far-flung effort to rejuvenate his heart.

Crank is a great trash action movie 's the kind of film that seems to have nearly disappeared already. There is no moral to the story or deep philosophical idea about saving the world. There is only an absolutely cool main hero, his sexy girlfriend and loads of fights, shooting, racing and so on.
The actors have settled comfortably into the roles they play in the film 's Jason Statham as the brutal and charismatic main character, combined with Amy Smart as the charming girlfriend. Most of the other characters are seriously harmed within their first few minutes on the screen, and are thus not worth any special mention.

There is no need to think during "Crank: High Voltage" 's the never ending action and great jokes make this film easy to watch and leave a very positive but not overwhelming aftertaste.
To put it simply, the second part of Crank is a hurricane, a dynamic and bright uncontrolled act drawing on the best traditions of the first part. It is recommended to see for everyone, except highly sensitive and impressionable, or those that pass out upon hearing the f -word.  

Now showing in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.


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