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Support for nuclear power plant

TALLINN- It was announced that most localgovernments would support being a

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New developments in Estonian cyber attacks

TALLINN- A Russian junior politician, Sergei Markov has admitted to playing a part inthe cyber att

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Ghost Hunters find Karosta Jail most haunted

LIEPAJA - The Ghost HuntersInternational team after its expedition to Karosta jail in Liepaja, hav

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Lita not to be devalued- PM

VILNIUS 's LithuanianPrime Minister Andrius Kubilius has again rejected the notion that the Lita

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Estonia to patrol Iceland airspace

TALLINN - The Estonian Air Force will participate in the Iceland airspacesu

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Riga ready 2014 Capital of Culture application

RIGA- Riga's application to be the EuropeanCapital of Culture in 2014 is be

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NATO resumes ties with Russia

VILNIUS - NATO member-state foreign ministers have agreed during an informal

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Lembergs demands 25,000 from prosecutor general

RIGA - Embattled Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs, who currently stands trial on a number of charges

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Estonian, Latvian caught stealing oil

TVER - Police in Russia's Tver region have detained two people suspected of siphoning oil out of

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Roof collapses at Tallinn shopping center

TALLINN - A large part of the roof of theMustika (Blackberry) shopping center in southern Tallinn

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