New developments in Estonian cyber attacks

  • 2009-03-10
  • TBT Staff

The cyber attacks in 2007 wrecked havoc on many Estonian websites. Photo:

TALLINN- A Russian junior politician, Sergei Markov has admitted to playing a part inthe cyber attacks against Estoniain 2007.  

Some may have interpreted as a joke, as the deputy from Putin's UnifiedRussia party commented on a cybercrime panel.

However, his comments may further ignite tensions between Estonia and Russia.

According to Radio Free Europe, during a discussion on information war fare Markovstated: "About the cyberattack on Estonia... don't worry, that attackwas carried out by my assistant. I won't tell you his name, because then he mightnot be able to get visas,"

Though the Russian government denies the allegations, Estonian ministersstill blamed them for instigating the attacks. However, up until now one personhas been charged in the attack.

Estonian ministers blamed Russian government for instigating the attacks, anaccusation the Kremlin robustly denied at the time. Only one person has everbeen charged over the attack, a member of Estonia's ethnic Russian minority.

The attacks in 2007 swamped websites of the Estonian parliament, mediaoutlets, ministries and banks.