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Lack of demand puts pressure on retailers

TALLINN - Estonian consumer prices had their worst month on record in October as the recession has c

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'Internal Devaluation' keeps lid on spending

RIGA - Third quarter GDP numbers for Latvia show the economy crumbled 18.4 percent compared to the s

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State-owned assets should be sold to boost economy

RIGA - Maris Zanders, chief editor of Latvia's business magazine Kapitals, says that resources neede

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Better than expected 3rd Qtr numbers surprise analysts

VILNIUS - Lithuania's third quarter GDP fell by 14.3 percent compared with the same period a year ea

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Governments continue struggle with budgets in their march towards the euro

TALLINN - Nomura International analyst Peter Attard Montalto says that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

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Estonia looks to euro in 2011

TALLINN 's Estonia has set its sightson adopting the euro in 2011 following an IMF report released

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Estonia still on track for 2011 euro adoption

TALLINN - The IMF has urged Estonia to cut its 2010 budget deficit and aim for a longer-term fiscal

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Lost decade ahead as devaluation pressures mount

RIGA - In an effort to kick start Latvia's sputtering economy back to growth, the currency is set to

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Trade surplus for Estonia long way off

TALLINN - Exports of goods from Estonia in August this year reached 7.8 billion kroons (500 million

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Business leaders want government to deliver realistic plan

RIGA -  The Latvian economy has not yet reached its lowest point, despite some evidence of emer

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