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Second quarter to be harder 's Semeta

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian economy is unlikely to improve in the second quarter of 2009, Lithuanian Fi

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Budget amendments remain on track

RIGA - Latvia has made positive steps towards stabilization of the national economy and sustainable

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Trade deficits fall in first quarter

VILNIUS - The latest round of statistics shows that all three Baltic states are closing the gap on t

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Three-quarters suffer wage cuts in Latvia

RIGA - A recent survey has revealed that a staggering 73 percent of employees in Latvia have suffere

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Estonia to take multi-billion kroon loan to cut deficit

TALLINN - The government of Estonia announced that it would take out a 6.5 billion kroon (415 millio

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Estimated 18 percent drop in GDP

RIGA - Experts from across the financial and economic sectors have weighed in and agree that the Lat

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Agriculture prices plummet

VILNIUS - The agricultural sector in Lithuania, one of the country's largest industries, has seen pu

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Estonia looks to dip into reserves

TALLINN - Local media has reported that the government is planning on taking emergency measures, inc

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Austerity plan pays off

VILNIUS - The government's austerity measures appear to be working following a Finance Ministry pres

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Estonia forecasts budget gap

TALLINN - Forecasts by the Estonian government that it can shave its budget a further 0.5 percent fr

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