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Debt markets fill budget gap

VILNIUS - Lithuania raised 561.5 million litas (162.6 million euros) through Treasury bill auctions

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Banks remain at risk with their emerging market investments

RIGA - Eastern Europe's economic recovery remains at risk from a banking crisis as a lack of transpa

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GDP drop revised upward

TALLINN - Estonia's economy shrank less than previously estimated in the second quarter compared to

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Privatization back on front burner

TALLINN - Estonia should sell its state-owned companies, or at least some of its shareholdings, and

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Task force delivers tax reform proposals

RIGA - The value-added tax rate could be increased to 23 percent in order to stimulate economic deve

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Government continues work on economic plan

RIGA - Latvian Foreign Minister Maris Riekstins (People's Party) met with Austrian Foreign Minister

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Wages drop as government reviews economic numbers

TALLINN - Estonians are feeling the pinch as average wages in the second quarter, compared to the se

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Swedish bankers keep wary eye on Baltic backyard

RIGA - Sweden's financial regulator in its latest report says that the Baltic region's troubles stil

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Long road ahead for Latvia's recovery

RIGA - Another International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission could arrive in Latvia in the second half o

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Social security benefits in jeopardy nationwide

KLAIPEDA - With the year heading into the second half, local municipalities are finding that their c

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