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Dear TBT,Regarding the Pope's visit to the Czech Republic: I commend Pope Benedict X

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Dear TBT,It is commonly heard among Latvians that foreigners are to blame for the cu

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The need to know

Dear TBT,As a citizen of the USA, but having an interest in world affairs, it appear

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Banks at it again

Dear TBT,As a foreign investor in property in Vilnius, I am disturbed at the fact th

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Graffiti in Vilnius

Dear TBT, There appears to be an abundance of graffiti in Vilnius' Old Town. I have

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Remove the stone

Dear TBT, In late August a stone was unveiled at the Kurskaya Circle Line Metro Stat

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Open the library

Dear TBT,Having attended the recently concluded Litvak Congress, I was present when the President ga

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In response to the article on Quality Labeling

Dear TBT,In response to the article on Quality Labeling, these organizations and the

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Tourism to Austria

Dear TBT,Since the financial crisis [started] tourism has been part of stabilizing a

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Give a helping hand

The billionaire philanthropist George Soros has set up a 100 million dollar fund to help east Europe

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