Give a helping hand

  • 2009-08-20
The billionaire philanthropist George Soros has set up a 100 million dollar fund to help east European countries hit by the economic crisis. He's sending 1.3 million euros to Latvia, to assist the needs in about 40 's 50 schools. Isn't it time Latvia's own oligarchs do the same? They have since independence enriched themselves on the backs of the people here.
They should now return some of their illicit gains back to society.
They could fund public works, social and educational programs, contribute to healthcare, assist the pensioners.

The 'man in the clouds and the man by the sea' and the others are greatly responsible for Latvia's economic mess today, being the forces behind successive self-interested and self-serving governments. They have to be held accountable. How about a 'Slesers Neonatal Care' center at the local hospital; the 'Skele University Library' in Daugavpils; a 'Kargin Homeless Center' in Liepaja?

The European Union also shares the blame, in fueling the corruption by its continually pumping money into the country, and 'looking the other way,' as the money funnels into private bank accounts. The EU should be doing a better job of watching where the money's going, and monitoring its effectiveness.


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