Tourism to Austria

  • 2009-08-27
Dear TBT,

Since the financial crisis [started] tourism has been part of stabilizing an economy, and Baltic citizens often come to Austria. The Austrian Chamber of Commerce publishes the data on stays over-night, and they are rather impressive.

Since 2004, the data have been collected for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; the Balts were formerly treated as Russians, visiting the cemeteries, or relatives in Austria. Since 2004 the Baltic citizens are active tourists coming to Austria for leisure, mountain climbing and culture. Now the data tell us [of] an increase of Baltic tourists in Austria.

Estonia 's 74,626 stays over-night, Latvia 's 88,230, Lithuania 's 128,027 for 2008, and in the first half of 2009 it increased until March; since April not more than 3,000 visitors per month visit Austria. The crisis has also reached tourism; new ways and programs for poor people and cheap locations are demanded.

Dr. Sabine Stadler

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