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No more conscription into the army

VILNIUS - On Sept. 24, the Lithuanian Constitutional Court announced its ruling stating that abolish

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Grounds for civil rights and duties Civil rights and duties shall arise on the groun

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New parliament chairperson elected

VILNIUS - There was no drama during the election of a new speaker of the Lithuanian parliament 's th

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Visitor from a parallel world

VILNIUS - On Sept. 16, Belarus' authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko made his historic trip

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Liquidation of a company (continued from last week)

The liquidator shall publish a notice of the liquidation of a company 3 times, with at least a 30-da

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Mysterious prison - more controversy

VILNIUS - Development of the mystery story about a CIA prison for al Qaeda suspects was supposed to

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Lietuva in brief - 2009-09-17

The Varna court in Bulgaria has agreed to extradite Henrikas Daktaras, the so-called kingpin of the

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Lithuania's national catastrophe

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian national basketball team, playing without its biggest stars at the EuroBask

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Parliament ousts its chairman

VILNIUS - Parliament Chairman Arunas Valinskas tried to tell his story to the nation, but he is now

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Liquidation of a company

Lithuania is currently experiencing a severe economic downturn. Decreasing company incomes and quest

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