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An American welcome

In these troubled times it's nice to report on some good news. U.S. President Bush announced on Oct.

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Another Step Toward the World

A foreign policy accomplishment for Latvia, albeit not really one with which the country's own gover

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Janis Ozols-COSMOS member and choir director

Janis Ozols is a true renaissance man. Not only does he sing baritone in one of Latvia's most famous

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Deficit to rise next year

VILNIUS - Despite repeated calls by leading politicians to cut spending levels for next year's budge

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Risks remain high across Baltics

RIGA - The economic crisis now enveloping the Baltic countries can be blamed in good part on the gov

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HEALTHCARE: "Old-fashioned thinking" preventing donation

VILNIUS - Organ donation in Lithuania is minimal and only serves about one sixth of patients in urge

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HEALTHCARE: Vaccinations in Latvia: Hepatitis ABCs

RIGA - While much attention has been given recently to the Hepatitis A epidemic in the Latvian media

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Estonia 's giving hope for childless families

The medical industry is without question one of the most important and controversial industries in t

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Eagle Eye

Director D.J. CarusoJerry Shaw (played by Shia LaBeouf) is a simple American guy, a

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Rock for all ages

TALLINN - It's normal for students to form a band but in Tallinn it's the academics that are rocking

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