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American rabbi pushes property issue

VILNIUS - A high profile member of the Jewish Community has come to Vilnius to influence national le

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Latvija in brief - 2008-10-22

Nearly 4000 people took part in a 24 hour 100 meter relay at Daugava Stadium as a gift for Latvia's

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Possible rights violation in Zatlers' UN decision

RIGA - The Latvian Ombudsman has stated that a possible rights violation may have occurred in Presid

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Eesti in brief - 2008-10-22

The Lithuanian national air carrier flyLAL, which had aggressively entered the Estonian market at th

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Budget for 2009 dramatically cuts IVF funding

TALLINN - Health officials are concerned infertility funding is to be  slashed in the projected

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Popular ferry company collapses

TALLINN - SuperSeaCat, the once widely-used fast ferry company servicing the popular Tallinn-Helsink

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'Nation of bigots'

VILNIUS - The majority of Lithuanians would not work or communicate with other nationalities, gays o

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US Visa - Freedom finally arrives

RIGA-TARTU - U.S. President George W. Bush announced on Oct. 17 that the United States is rescinding

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Swedish power link battle rages on

VILNIUS/RIGA 's The longstanding dispute between Latviaand Lithuaniaover which country should play h

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Four bodies found in Kohtla-Jarve apartment

KOHTLA-JARVE 's In one of the most horrific discoveries inrecent memory, the bodies of four people

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