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Petition picks up points for pensioner

RIGA - More than 170,000 people have signed a petition to increase pension levels as the successful

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KNAB finds more corruption in medical profession

RIGA - The medical profession was hit by fresh scandal as the Anti-Corruption Bureau (KNAB) made two

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Bigotry and denial

A man, let's call him Joe Bloggs, told The Baltic Times about a horrible experience he had while tra

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Transport Ministry audit 'terrible'

RIGA - In a fresh blow to the reputation of the government, a recent Transport Ministry financial au

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Baltics seek representation in Russia

TALLINN - Ethnic Russians in the European Union have held a round table gathering in Luxembourg and

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Right wing parties join forces

VILNIUS - A new political force has been created as the Homeland Union and the Christian Democrat pa

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Baltic Global Peace Index- Up's and down's

LONDON- Most countries in the Baltics (with the exception of Estonia)are becoming more peacef

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SEB picks up regional gong

SEB, one of the Baltic's major banking presences, has been named number one bank for Latvia andLit

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Estonian passport holders at risk

PSKOV- Persons with dual Estonian and Russian citizenshipliving in the Pechory district of Ru

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More patriotism!

RIGA- Latvian Defense Minister Vinets Veldre statedthat patriotism is

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