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Lithuania takes next step on U.S. visa waiver path

WASHINGTON -- On 17 March, Lithuanian Ambassador to the U.S.A. Audrius Brūzga andthe U.S. Ho

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Legionnaires' parade passes off peacefully

RIGA -- The controversial annual parade to commemorate members of the Latvian Legion passed without

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In last week  opinion piece we described Vita Terauda a

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The Eye

Directors: David Moreau, Xavier PaludAfter r

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Step Up 2 the Streets

Director: John Chu After finding out th

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There's something for everyone at Trehv

TARTU - Next time you're in Tartu; dare to venture away from Raekoja plats and the center of town. C

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A little slice of the city

RIGA - Just as I was starting to eat my meal, a tall, scantily clad young woman sat down next to me

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RECYCLING - Making money out of Garbage

Environmentalism sounds great but there is the sticky  question of what to do with all the rubb

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Upcoming Events - 2008-03-12

Aqvarelos do Brazil (carneval show)March 16: Linnaha

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Piano prodigy to electrify Vilnius

VILNIUS - Comparisons with Mozart are not something a fresh and prodigious talent can always live up

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