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Good Friday Stiptease Condemned

VILNIUS-  Male stripping incites indignation from a Conservative Lithuanian MP.  Plans

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No Bin Laden Threat for Estonia

TALLINN - The Estonian Security Policeforesees no immediate danger for Estonia in an EU threa

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Tip Top Troops

RIGA- A handful of troops from the Latvian armed forces are jetting off to Nepal this Friday to

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27 Dresses

Directed by Anne FletcherOne statistic tells you everything you need to know

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10,000 B.C.

Director: Roland Emmerich The poster f

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Muurivahe Reval Cafe 's the medieval Mediterranean

TALLINN - Among all the new hip restaurants and lounges in Tallinn, Reval Cafe chain stands out for

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Two days in Latvia

RIGA - On August 28, 1987, a little piece of photographic history was made in what was then Soviet r

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Upcoming Events - 2008-03-19

Mark Knopfler (ex Dire Straits)April 4: Hartwall Are

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Art-punk in the guitar bar

VILNIUS  - Could pop music in the Baltic countries ever measure up to the likes of the Beatles

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FERRIES - Waterways to old Europe

In the rest of the world its planes trains and automobile. Here in the Baltics we do things diff

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