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The Baltic's suffering teachers

Life is no picnic for Baltic schoolteachers. The sheer workload forces teachers to put in overtime h

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Speaker on verge of resignation

VILNIUS - A no-confidence procedure against Parliamentary Speaker Viktoras Muntianas, accused of inv

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Police launch manhunt for U.S. millionaire

RIGA - Police have launched an international manhunt for a well-known Russian-American millionaire w

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Baltic teachers support Lithuanian strike

TALLINN/RIGA - The row over teachers' salaries has threatened to spread across the region as union l

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Lithuanian Foreign Ministry demands explanation for journalistic violence

VILNIUS-  Belarusian Ambassador to Lithuania VladimirDrazhin was summoned to the Foreign Mini

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Winter finally hits the Baltics

RIGA- After many complaints about the lack of winter this year, the weather finally decided to

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Tallin to separate alcohol from other goods

TALLINN- TheTallinn city governmenthas a plan to introduce new regulations regarding the sale

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Latvia's top officials honor victims of Deportation

RIGA- Tuesday in Latvia, top officials laid flowers at the Freedom Monument in Riga to honor th

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Fitch leaves Estonia be

TALLINN -- Ratings agency Fitch has decided not to tinker with its soveriegn rating and outlook

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UN delivers human rights verdict on Baltics

NEW YORK 's The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) has delivered a shopping list of re

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