Tallin to separate alcohol from other goods

  • 2008-03-25
  • In cooperation with BNS
TALLINN- TheTallinn city governmenthas a plan to introduce new regulations regarding the sale of alcohol.  According this new law,shops must display alcoholic beverages separately fromnonalcoholic beverages and other goods; the regulationshould come into effect in the fall.

Deputy Mayor Jaanus Mutli said the draft regulationrequires that alcohol be clearly separated from nonalcoholicbeverages and other goods in stores.

"Our ideal is for each major store to have a separatealcohol department and for smaller ones, a separate alcoholsection, as is already the case in many Tallinn shops,"Mutli said.

To give stores adequate time for reorganization, the citygovernment wants to enforce the city council's decree onSept. 1.

Tallinn has long had problems with foreign volume alcohol buyers from Scandanavia, which has ceased to slow even after a 30% alcohol tax increase early this year.