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LBL cancels games in tax protest

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian Basketball League (LBL) has announced that it will suspend all national cha

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Estonian support for euro up

TALLINN - A recent poll has found that support for joining the eurozone is on the rise among the Est

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Lithuania pulls out of Iraq

VILNIUS - The last few troops that Lithuania had committed to the U.S.-ledinternational mission Ir

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World-class car thief busted

RIGA - A world class car thief has been arrested in Riga while trying to steal a 2007 Porsche Cayenn

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Moscow wants Riga Victory Museum

RIGA - Moscow wants to establish a museum on the site of the VictoryMonument in Riga, said Juri

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LT ambassador refused entry to Georgian village

TBILISI/VILNIUS - Lithuanian Ambassador to Georgia MecysLaurinkus and accompanying diplomats

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Jewish organization not please with Estonia

TALLINN- The Jewish human rights organization, the Simon Wiesenthal Centerhas once again rank

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University of Latvia hopes for EU top 100

RIGA - The University of Latvia has adopted a new strategy visionto become the leading univer

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More pollution allowances for Lithuania

VILNIUS- The leaders of the EU member states agreed during the EU Summit inBrussels on Dec. 1

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Lithuanians pessimistic about new gov.

VILNIUS - A recent survey has found that most Lithuanians do not expect a change for the better with

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