Estonian support for euro up

  • 2008-12-19
  • TBT Staff in cooperation with BNS
TALLINN - A recent poll has found that support for joining the eurozone is on the rise among the Estonian population.

The poll, conducted by TNS Emor, found that50 percent of Estonian residents aged from 15 to 74supported accession to the euro zone, three percentage points more than during the previous poll.

At the same time the proportion of opponents to adoption of the euro has fallen to 39 percent, the lowestduring the past three years. The level of support does notdiffer very much between contrasting groups of population,although it is somewhat lower among non-Estonian-speakers.

Support to Estonia's membership in the European Unionstayed at a stable high level since May 2007. In December82 percent of the election-age Estonian citizens were infavor of Estonia's membership in the European Union.

The poll, commissioned by the State Chancellery and carried out by TNS Emor, took place among 500 residents of Estonia aged 15 to 74, of whom 395 were election-age Estonian citizens.