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Plane crash still a mystery

TALLINN - investigators have said that there was no indication of technical or health problems that

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Tartu's deputy mayor resigns

TARTU - One of the deputymayors of Estonia'ssecond-largest city of Tartuon Nov. 25 submitted his

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One-fifth of LT parliament millionaires

VILNIUS- The new parliament of Lithuania that took office last week includes surprisingly fewer mill

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Adamkus predicts history will see Nazi and Soviet crimes as equal

VILNIUS - Nazi and Sovietcrimes against humanity committed in 20th Century Europe will one day be

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105 Estonian troops to return from Afghanistan

TALLINN-The 105-strong Estonian ESTCOY-6 infantry company andthe national support element NSE-5 re

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Cost of new freedom monument to increase

TALLINN - The price tag for Estonia's new freedom monument is on the rise. Czech glass manufacturer

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Lithuanians stranded on breakwater

VILNIUS - Three Lithuanian citizens were stranded for three days after their yacht crashed near the

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Estonians most optimistic about financial crisis

TALLINN 's Out of all the residents of the three Baltic states,people in Es

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Georgian observers under fire

VILNIUS- Lithuanians part of the EU monitoring mission haveobserved the situation on the Geor

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Arunas Valinskas elected new Lithuanian speaker

VILNIUS - Chairman of the National Resurrection PartyArunas Valinskas was elected after a sec

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