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A place to flea to

 VILNIUS - There is a restaurant in Vilnius called Blusyne, which sounds harmless until you fin

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On a musical high

RIGA - Organ music can be very powerful. If you listen with closed eyes, the spirit soars, even in t

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Upcoming Events - 2008-07-09

Lou ReedJuly 12: Arena Riga

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Meet women, get juiced and dance badly

TALLINN - Someone once said, "Monday is an awful way to spend one seventh of your life." This is esp

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Del Popolo deserves to be popular

RIGA - Practically every other week, a brand-new restaurant opens its doors and dresses its tables f

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Naked women sunbathe on beach

VILNIUS - Palanga, the busiest Lithuanian resort town on the Baltic, offers sandy beaches, a bustlin

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Upcoming Events - 2008-07-03

Avril LavigneJuly 3: Siemens Arena, Vilnius

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A town for one season

One thing Estonia is not famous for is its summer. These tend to be short and not very warm. But we

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St. Dvasios Street Is Ready For Rebirth

St. Dvasios Street in the Vilnius old town will be rebuilt in a partnership between the Vilnius Muni

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Where art meets nature

TALLINN - There is more to art than just paintings on a wall or slabs of stone in a museum. Art can

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