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I believe I can sail

TALLINN - I've always loved being out at sea on a large boat. The vessel floats smoothly and quietly

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Night kayaking on the Vilnele

VILNIUS - Usually, nightfall on a river is a good time to beach your kayak and go home. But we were

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Upcoming Events - 2008-08-13

Deep Purple August 17: Saku Suurhall, Tallinn August 18: Arena RigaS

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A hidden world of exotic vegetation at the Riga Botanical Gardens

RIGA - Just behind a nondescript green wooden fence on the outskirts of Riga lies a bountiful and fr

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Sun, sand and spas at Jurmala

RIGA - After six months of living in Latvia, I finally made it to the shores of Jurmala 's and once

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Catching the Baltic wind

TALLINN - What looked like hundreds of butterflies with limpid wings stretched along the coast line

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Upcoming Events - 2008-08-06

Deep PurpleAugust 17: Saku Suurhall, Tallinn August 18: Arena RigaSe

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Toy soldiers

VILNIUS - Adrenaline was rushing through my body as I ran through the woods. I was hunting and being

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Kids' dreams take flight at Ignalina aviation center

VILNIUS - Most kids dream of flying, whether by old-fashioned propellers and hot-air balloons or by

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Cold drinks in a hot tub under the stars at Bathhouse Valley

VILNIUS - Just when I'd reached my wit's end for something unusual to do on a weekend night out, I h

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