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Landmarks of a Rich Town

VILNIUS - Just across the Neris river from the Vilnius Old Town is a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood

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Estonian wildlife showcase at Elistvere

TALLINN - Elistvere is a small and ordinary village quite far from Tallinn. So what makes thousands

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Upcoming Events - 2008-09-18

Queen + Paul RodgersSeptember 19: Arena RigaSensationSeptember 27: S

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An Olympic experience not for the faint of heart

RIGA - Last weekend I had a truly terrifying experience that I would gladly repeat again. For a mere

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Service with a scalpel

RIGA - The gynecologist's stirrups weren't that much of a surprise, seeing as it was a medical-theme

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A real Tuscan restaurant

VILNIUS - The variety of food on the Vilnius restaurant scene is pretty monochrome 's at affordable

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Upcoming Events - 2008-09-10

R.E.M.September 12: Arena RigaSeptember 14: Siemens Arena, VilniusQu

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Two long-lived Tallinn parties keep the crowds coming back

TALLINN - Tallinn is famous for its busy nightlife, and every weekend new parties are born and die.

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Floating sky-high above it all

VILNIUS - Hot-air ballooning lets you see life from a different angle. I went for a trip that took m

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A wheel adventure

RIGA - Visiting Latvia is rather like going to a Baltic beach on a warm day. One immediately appreci

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