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Upcoming Events - 2008-10-29

Glenn HughesNovember 01: Rock Cafe, TallinnThe ScorpionsNovember 2:

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A lifetime of pictures

RIGA - Somebody once said that a photograph is memory in the raw.  The adage could have been wr

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Rock for all ages

TALLINN - It's normal for students to form a band but in Tallinn it's the academics that are rocking

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Stop wining and catch up

VILNIUS - If you want to avoid the candy wrapped 18-year old girls and the obnoxious locals (and tou

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Upcoming Events - 2008-10-22

Simple PlanOctober 28: Rock Café, TallinnThe ScorpionsNovember 2: S

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Out and About 's Hebrew Music Concert in Riga

RIGA - This fall, I was lucky enough to experience a taste of Latvian-Jewish culture, and it was uni

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Dark medieval tales beneath the brilliant yellow leaves of Sigulda

RIGA - Just an hour from Riga by train lies nature's playground, a true fairy tale of colors, smells

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Cheap and nasty, try the real Lithuanian cuisine

VILNIUS - You haven't lived the real Vilnius lifestyle until you have been to one of the many valgyk

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Upcoming Events - 2008-10-15

Christina AguileraOctober 18: Arena Riga-PostponedSimple Plan

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Tallinn's flagship stores

TALLINN - There are quite a few shops in Tallinn, ranging from department stores and big shopping ce

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