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Searching for saunas? Don't sweat it

Though sitting naked in a hot, steamy room and whacking each other with birch switches has always be

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Marriage, Estonian style

TALLINN - You meet that perfect person. You fall in love, get married, and have children. That's the

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Sinking in a quagmire of debt

RIGA - Gints, a project manager for a small company, and his girlfriend Guna, employed at a leading

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Quiet genius who brought the East

TALLINN - The Koran is undoubtedly one of the most important texts in world culture, so it's maybe n

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It's spring, it's Cinema Spring!

VILNIUS - Woody Allen, Alexandr Sokurov, Andrzej Wajda and Julio Medem are among the masters of worl

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The Baltic's suffering teachers

Life is no picnic for Baltic schoolteachers. The sheer workload forces teachers to put in overtime h

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Mystery of the three-handed saint

VILNIUS  - One of the must-see stops on any tour of Vilnius is the cathedral, for there is more

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An adventure in venture capital

RIGA - Venture capital will be the next big thing in Latvia, as real-estate growth has started to sl

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Speed dating takes Latvia by storm

RIGA - Guys and gals get ready 's speed dating has come to Latvia! After only a few months in operat

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A success for Lithuanian movie-making

VILNIUS  - Breaking box office records in Lithuania may seem insignificant on the world stage,

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