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Lithuanian roads most dangerous in Europe

VILNIUS - Lithuania is the most dangerous place to drive in Europe. Car crashes killed 739 Lithuania

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The great language myth

TALLINN-VILNIUS - Estonians can be strange people. Not only do they dislike Russian speakers speakin

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Fighting to preserve a nation's heritage

VILNIUS - When Tobias Jasetas was a small child, his family emmigrated to England. One summer his mo

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Getting back to roots

RIGA - I must have heard the story a hundred times. In 1944, my grandparents and their son (my fathe

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Swedish Empire strikes back

TALLINN - The following list may be familiar to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the history

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Saving Estonia's abused children

TALLINN - Kadi Tuusk lived in a poor suburb on the outskirts of town. She was a bright girl who did

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Brits and Irish behaving badly… again

RIGA - In May 2008, a Briton aged 32 was fined for roaming naked through the streets of Riga's Old T

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Go forth and multiply

TALLINN - In his annual address to the nation, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves asked young E

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Bigotry and denial

A man, let's call him Joe Bloggs, told The Baltic Times about a horrible experience he had while tra

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Ice hockey as a way of life

Now that Latvia has been ousted from the World Ice Hockey Champion

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