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Latvia passes budget with deficit

RIGA 's TheLatvian parliament has passed a 2009 budget in the final reading with a 1.5percent de

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New PM to slash spending

VILNIUS - Lithuania's incoming prime minister has said that he will slash government spending and re

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Estonia looks to euro as economy lurches

TALLINN - In a spate of public addresses, Estonia's political leaders and chief financial institutio

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Government liquidates secretariat

RIGA - The Latvian government has decided to eliminate the secretariat of EU fund absorption and the

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EC: Estonian economy to drop 1.3 percent

TALLINN - The GDP of Estonia is set to decline by 1.3 percent year-over-year and by 1.2 percent in 2

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Lithuania to face 'painful reality'

VILNIUS - Lithuania's next prime minister has said that the country must drastically reduce spending

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Vilnius at the back of the pack

VILNIUS - Vilnius lags far behind other cities in the Baltic Sea region in terms of its economic dev

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Bankers cautious despite good results

RIGA - The largest Nordic banks have raised concerns about the macroeconomic situation in the Baltic

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Deficit to rise next year

VILNIUS - Despite repeated calls by leading politicians to cut spending levels for next year's budge

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Risks remain high across Baltics

RIGA - The economic crisis now enveloping the Baltic countries can be blamed in good part on the gov

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