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Inflation hits 12.5% in Lithuania

VILNIUS 's Lithuania became the last of the Baltics to release monthly inflation figures this week a

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Report raises hopes of inflation turnaround

RIGA - In what is hoped to be the start of the long-awaited easing of inflationary pressures, the la

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Politicians calling for discontinuation of currency peg

VILNIUS -  Lithuanian Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas' comments that the country's central ba

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Inflation rate dips, but prices still rising

RIGA - Latvia's average consumer price level in June 2008 rose by 0.7% compared

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No danger of 'new pegs for old'

LONDON - There's good news for currency-watchers in with a statement from Capital Economics 's norma

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No fall in Estonian inflation

Accordingto Statistics Estonia, the percentage change

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Central banker hails sharp jump in exports

RIGA - Bank of Latvia chief Ilmars Rimsevics has hailed the recent increase in exports, saying expor

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Latvian retail sales falling hard

RIGA - Retail sales in Latvia dropped 5.1 in May compared to last year, while the fall in sales over

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Lithuanian truckers take up French tactics

VILNIUS - A convoy of trucks protesting rising fuel prices brought traffic near Siauliai, Lithuania'

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Deficit easing in Estonia

TALLINN -- With economic corrections continuing throughout the Balt

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