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Swedish banker: Latvia missed the boat

RIGA - A former chief of Sweden's central bank has said that Latvia's leadership missed the opportun

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Latvian minister to amend budget

RIGA - With revenues falling short of target, government ministers have agreed in principle to amend

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Centrists: tap into the reserves

TALLINN - A senior Center Party official has suggested that the government should consider tapping i

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Lithuanians restart national stadium project

VILNIUS - Lithuanian lawmakers have breathed new life into the national stadium in Vilnius, agreeing

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Swedbank chief defends lending policy, braces for losses in Baltics

RIGA - The president of the largest banking group in the Baltics acknowledged that Latvia's economy

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Negative growth around corner for Estonia

TALLINN - Baltic markets were in a state of shock this week to learn that Estonia's economy nearly f

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Raise a glass to 'outright recession'

RIGA -- Everyone knows that a pessimist's 'half empty' beer glassis seen as 'half full' by an

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Latvian textile industry takes hardest hit

RIGA - Latvia's textile industry is likely to suffer the most from the reversal in the country's eco

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Estonia postpones decision on oil shale industry

TALLINN - The government at its weekly meeting failed to endorse a national development plan for the

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Lithuania's GDP still going strong

VILNIUS - Lithuania's economy ex-panded by a robust 6.9 percent in the first quarter of 2008 compare

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