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Moody's rating for Estonia unchanged

TALLINN - Moody's released its annual report, which gives Estonia the same rating for 2008 as for 20

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Latvian central bank calls for balanced budget

RIGA - The head of Latvia's central bank has called on the government to scrap its proposal for a 1.

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Latvia to have budget deficit in 2009

RIGA - The Latvian government has announced that it will opt for a 2009 budget deficit of 1.85 perce

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New statistics confirm old economic fears

2 By Vincent Freeman, TALLINN    Estonia is still in recession despit

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Latvia sees highest wage growth in Q2

RIGA - A survey of wages in the Baltic states has found that Latvia saw the largest year-on-year ave

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Nordea rubs in the bad news

Tallinn - A recent Nordea Bank AP report sees more trouble ahead for Latvia and Estonia, predicting

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Ministry predicts Estonian economy will grow in 2009

TALLINN - The Ministry of Finance released cautiously optimistic figures this week, predicting Eston

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Lithuania: corporate spying a threat to national security

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian Ministry of Economy has released a national economic security improvement p

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S&P downgrades Ukio

VILNIUS - Rating agency Standard & Poor's said on August 26th that it had revised its outlook on

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Eesti Pank says balance the books

TALLINN - Eesti Pank, Estonia's central bank issued a statement August 27th calling for fiscal balan

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