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Prosecutors throw out foreigner fraud cases

RIGA - Riga Central District Prosecutor's Office has cancelled over 50 fraud cases filed by foreigne

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Thousands of health care workers protest wage freeze

RIGA - Thousands of health care workers and teachers gathered outside the Parliament building in Rig

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Troops to be pulled from Iraq by end of 2008

RIGA - Latvia is planning to withdraw its troops from Iraq by the end of 2008, Latvian Defense Minis

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Latvija in brief - 2008-09-24

Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis rocked out with Paul Rodgers and legendary rock group Queen in Arena R

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Only two of three special assignment secretariats to be liquidated

RIGA - The government agreed on Sept. 23 that only two of three special assignment ministers' secret

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Court to hear case against Treaty of Lisbon

RIGA - The Latvian Constitutional Court initiated a case on the adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon to

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Progress towards US visa-free regime

RIGA - Latvia has officially completed the consultation process with the United States on the necess

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Latvija in brief - 2008-09-18

 Goalkeeper Edgars Masalskis of Latvia's newly formed Riga Dinamo ice hockey club was brutally

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Obama backs U.S. bill condemning Soviets

RIGA - The U.S. Senate, at its Sep. 16 meeting, unanimously voted to confirm a resolution, stating t

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Godmanis to 'restructure' government

RIGA - In a bid to further cut back on government spending, Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis has announ

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