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Balts among world's least 'happy'

RIGA - A recent survey has found that citizens of the Baltic states are some of the unhappiest peopl

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President cleared of corruption

RIGA - The president has been cleared of long-standing accusations that he accepted "gratitude payme

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Hepatitis victims outraged at pub

RIGA - Victims of a pub that infected dozens of people with hepatitis A earlier this year have expre

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Latvia 'Europe's crime capital'

RIGA - Latvia has the highest crime rate in the EU and the second highest in Europe, according to a

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Latvija in brief - 2008-07-16

Riga City Council Development Department head Peteris Strancis has been suspended pending an ongoing

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Police fear empty tanks

RIGA - Rising fuel prices have prompted fears that the state police may soon be unable to afford pet

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Government pledges millions to Afghanistan

RIGA - The government has officially endorsed a plan to devote millions of lats to reconstruction ef

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Security Council: Russia is a threat

RIGA - A recent report from Latvia's National Security Council has named Russia as one of the leadin

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Latvija in brief - 2008-07-09

Latvian lawyers are likely to reach a financial agreement next week with the insurers of the Mona Li

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Riga public and opposition want to get rid of "corrupt" mayor

RIGA - Members of the opposition center-right New Era faction of the Riga City Council filed a forma

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