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Granny vote set for August 23

RIGA - The date has been set for a referendum on a plan to increase the current minimum subsistence

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Huge Crowds at the Song and Dance Festival

RIGA - Riga was packed as tens of thousands made their way to Mezaparks to attend the opening concer

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Latvija in brief - 2008-07-03

Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis was in a car accident, when his car crashed into a Riga mini-bus on Br

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Man's earliest ancestor is a fish out of water

RIGA - Swedish scientists based in Latvia have discovered the most primitive four-legged ani

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Extremists pour blood (or maybe fruit juice) over ambassador

RIGA - In a scene reminiscent of the horror movie "Carrie" Latvian Ambassador to Russia Andris Tei

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Loskutovs' fate signed, sealed and delivered

RIGA - Nearly a year after he first tried to hound him out of his job, it was appropriate that Aigar

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Latvija in brief - 2008-06-18

A recent study by GE Money Bank found that the average cost of a date in Riga is about 109 euros. In

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Baltics hold out on Lisbon

RIGA - TALLINN - Leaders in all three Baltic countries urged Europe to find a way to press on with t

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KNAB head on chopping block

RIGA - The embattled chief of the anti-corruption bureau (KNAB) is yet again facing dismissal pendin

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President rejects anti-terror bill

RIGA - The president has rejected the controversial bill against money-laundering and funding for te

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