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Latvija in brief - 2008-11-26

Latvia plans to contribute 4,666 lats (6,666 euros) to the Trust Fund for Georgia of the NATO Partne

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Lecturer detained for attempting to destabilize the lat

RIGA - Dmitrijs Smirnovs, a lecturer at Ventspils University, was detained by police for allegedly a

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More suspects named in arms dealing case

RIGA - Several new suspects 's including two military officers, a police officer and a civilian 's h

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Blizzard leaves three dead

RIGA - A devastating snow storm swept through the Baltics on Nov. 22, leaving three people dead and

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Latvija in brief - 2008-11-19

Police have made a new arrest in a large-scale case over arms storage and dealing in Latvia's milita

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Hundreds of policemen to be fired

RIGA - Despite earlier claims from Latvian State Police that 507 employees would be fired, Interior

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Alcohol taxes up, production down

RIGA - The Latvian alcohol industry has felt the economic pinch more than most, as recent data has s

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Latvija in brief - 2008-11-12

The Latvian State Police plan to fire 507 employees. According to an order given by the State Police

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Massive marijuana farm busted

RIGA - The Latvian State Police have detained the ringleaders of a massive marijuana farming operati

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Police angry as frozen bonuses are paid to some

RIGA - Public sector workers have expressed their outrage at what they see as discriminatory bonuses

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