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Eesti Energia ready to trade kilowatts on Lithuanian market

VILNIUS - Lithuania's energy market continued its dynamism last week, as Estonia set up a subsidiary

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Lithuania decides to sell Alytaus Textile

VILNIUS - The government announced on Feb. 26 that it would sell its majority stake in Alytaus Texti

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TALKING TAX: Finland establishes new ways to enforce taxes

Finland has seen a steady inflow of Estonia's workforce for nearly a decade. Accession to the EU cre

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Swedbank stock takes dive on lat devaluation fears

RIGA - Fears of an imminent devaluation of the lat, however unfounded, continued to haunt both the c

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Revival of Tallinn-Riga passenger train on agenda

TALLINN - Estonian railroad officials announced last week that they would try to revive the long aba

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Investigators raise ante in 'Ventspils affair', detain two businessmen, raid five premises

RIGA - The detaining of two top Latvian businessmen brought the murky, insulated world of Ventspils

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Lietuva in brief - 2007-02-28

Lithuania may join Poland in blocking European Union talks with Russia on a new cooperation agreemen

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Politicians debate Iraq pullout

VILNIUS - Lithuania's top politicians opened a public discussion on whether the Baltic country shoul

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Cleaning up a tyrant's mess

The images of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili washing his face in the Black Sea in 2004 after

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Estonia's premier economist takes skills south

Fifteen years of sacrifice and determination in reforming the Baltic states 's ultimately rewarded b

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