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Down with the Castle

Do we really need this 'Castle of Light,' the proposed new Latvian Natio-nal Library? No! The 180 m

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Too much of a good thing will always turn out bad 's it doesn't matter if it's food, exercise, vinta

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Eesti in brief - 2007-02-21

Estonian Parliamentarians have voted to mark Sept. 22 as the Day of Resistance. On the same date in

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Estonians put money before health

TALLINN - Estonians are more concerned about purchasing luxury cars and buying property than about i

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Analyst: Soldier fails to sway election

TALLINN - Toomas Hendrik Ilves was forced to make his first major decision as president when he last

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The Curonian Spit: infinite change beneath a mask of timelessness

NIDA - The 98-kilometer long Curonian Spit 's a strip of land peacefully shared by Lithuania and Kal

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Russia will not extradite Uspaskich

VILNIUS - Russia will not extradite Lithuania's former economy minister Viktor Uspaskich, who is wan

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Experts: Estonia to become haven for shady corporations

TALLINN - Estonia risks becoming a haven for disreputable corporations under legal changes that make

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Riga City Council sacks Aksenoks, supports Birks as new mayor

RIGA - Mayor Aivars Aksenoks was sacked on Feb. 19 in an emergency session of the Riga City Council

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Latvian specialists find forgotten Egyptian pyramid column

A team of Latvian specialists exploring Egypt's ancient pyramids have rediscovered a forgotten c

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