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HOUSING - Suburban homes sprouting 'like mushrooms'

RIGA - Real estate agents from all three Baltic countries agree that more higher-income families hav

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HOUSING - Log houses: the new Baltic export

KAUNAS - In Nordic and Baltic countries, local pine and spruce timber has been used throughout the c

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RECRUITMENT - Opportunity amid labor shortage

RIGA - It's never been a better time to be looking for a new job in the Baltics, what with foreign i

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RECRUITMENT - The language of labor

RIGA - In today's rapidly changing Baltic labor market, languages are playing a more important role

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TOURISM - Baltics maturing as tourist destination

TALLINN - Baltic nations are losing their novelty appeal for international travelers, but according

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TOURISM - Selling the Baltics to overseas tourists

RIGA - From the endless white sand beaches stretching the length of the Baltic sea to the rolling hi

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Beer: A contemporary legal buzz or a testament to human ingenuity?

RIGA - Humankind has been enjoying beer for the past 10,000 years. The first beer was

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A sudsy trip through Kaunas

KAUNAS - For anyone enthusiastic about the production of alcoholic beverages (imbibers and tech

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Despite long delays, shippers keep on trucking across the Latvian-Russian border

RIGA - At the end of May, the line of cargo trucks waiting to cross the border from Latvia into Russ

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Estonia's rail industry feels Russia's wrath

TALLINN - Estonia is proud of its position as the gateway between east and west. But what happens wh

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