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A sneak preview of next year's headlines

We at The Baltic Times have always prided ourselves on giving our readers the freshest information p

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Dark times ahead for the 'Castle of Light?'

RIGA - The 66 meter high structure will tower above the Daugava River. Sunlight reflected off the al

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A look at life on a Lithuanian pension

VILNIUS - In a heavy winter coat and thick black boots, 72-year-old Irena "Regina" Zilinskiene is st

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Estonia: the days of cheap thrills are over

TALLINN - It was during a recent weekend trip to Berlin that it dawned on me 's Tallinn ain't cheap

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Carrying the flag of avant-garde art

VILNIUS - "It shouldn't be a museum, that is, ... a place devoted only to its collections ... 

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Unraveling the mysteries of St. Martin's Day

RIGA - Anyone who spends a bit of time in the Baltics will quickly hear about the famous midsummer f

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The karate master turned storyteller

RIGA - Lancashire native Leigh Smith first traveled to Riga in 1991, when the "bullets were still fl

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Sacrificing privacy for national security

In a matter of weeks, the details of every phone call and text message in Lithuania could be under c

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Wages and inflation 's Latvia's economic vicious circle

RIGA - The Latvian government is stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, it has the Unio

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Lasnamae's autumnal image problem

TALLINN - Of all of Lasnamae's curses, the worst it has to bear is stigma. The area's external uglin

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