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Papa bear, or papa Berzins?

I am writing you to express my indignation over Latvian Justice Minister Gaidis Berzins' reaction to

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Schroeder cries to the EU

I read online that Gerhard Schroeder, the German Chancellor-turned-Russian lapdog, wants the EU to s

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Pro-Union, anti-progress

I can only assume your Riga correspondent is a member of a union. His story on the teachers' and doc

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Quit, already

So Prime Minister Kirkilas wants to quit? Go ahead. Then we would all see Lithuanian politics for th

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Where are the bins?

Just a small suggestion to the city of Tallinn. I enjoyed a weekend trip to Estonia in August. I tho

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Stick around, Vaira

It's good to see that Vaira Vike-Freiberga is still playing a somewhat active voice in Latvian socie

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Politicians and mobile phones

Few will argue that use of a mobile phone whilst driving is detrimental to road safety. Laboratory t

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Butt out of the Baltics

Another week, another ill-informed international "observer" criticizes Estonia about it's Russian po

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Follow Estonia

From reading your Web site, it seems that the Estonian government is fairly well organized, while La

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Unbearable conditions

I was horrified to read your story about the polar bear being tranquilized to death at Tallinn Zoo (

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