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Company briefs - 2006-12-13

Elion, Estonia's telecom company, and Nonstop Television, a Swedish TV operator, announced they woul

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Union refuses to back down against Tallink

TALLINN - A recent incident involving Tallink executives and the alleged harassment of personnel on

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Report: competition among Baltic grocers on par with Western Europe

RIGA - A pioneering study of the Baltic states' grocery market shows that competition in the industr

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Lithuania's poverty level drops

VILNIUS - The Statistics Department reported this week that some 615,000 residents, 18 percent of th

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Optimism overheating Estonia, Latvia's economy

RIGA - The Baltics' economic euphoria shows no sign of abating, as Latvia and Estonia's gross domest

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Segment of Latvia's sweet life on brink of extinction

RIGA - The dark clouds hanging over Latvia's sugar returned again last week after a state institute

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Poland invited to nuclear plant project, seeks 25 percent stake

VILNIUS - The prime ministers of the three Baltic states announced on Dec. 8 that they would invite

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Lietuva in brief - 2006-12-13

The Prosecutor General's Office addressed a Vilnius court over extraditing Belarusian citizen Sergey

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Pocius refuses to step down

VILNIUS - State Security Department Director General Arvydas Pocius announced that he had no intenti

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Pursuit for equal rights continues

Recently The Baltic Times interviewed Estonian Population Minister Paul-Eerik Rummo and asked some c

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