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Splashes of Riga

RIGA - Simplistic as her art may be, Liga Purmale's colorful canvasses are a delight to the eye. "Va

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Jazz with a capital 'J'

TALLINN - I'm sitting on a cushion on the floor, like dozens of folk around me. It's dark and moody,

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Warm music for a cold night

RIGA - "Tad, Kad Pasauli Pardos" ("When the World Will be Sold"), the second album by Mielavs un Par

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TBT recommends - 2006-12-06

EstoniaASIAN AROMAWith 106 items on the menu (just in case you're counting),

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Going up in ice flames

VILNIUS - Lithuanians are fond of a good extravaganza and they certainly don't come much more extrav

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Company brief

Kalev, Estonia's top confectionery, last week reported a large quarterly loss - 13.7 million kroons

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Taking counsel: Emergence of re-nationalization of real estate in Estonia

Estonia is known for its liberal economy and rapid economic development. In some areas of the econom

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Truck line vanishes at Lithuanian border, haulers count losses

RIGA - The line of trucks that appeared last month on the Lithuanian-Latvian border decreased as soo

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EC emissions reductions irk Lithuania

VILNIUS - Lithuanian officials expressed dissatisfaction with last week's decision by the European C

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TALKING TAX: Schemes in cross-border employment

Foreign investment and accession to the EU have given rise to a relatively new phenomenon for local

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