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Latvija in brief - 2006-12-13

The average per capita alcohol consumption (pure alcohol) in Latvia was 8.7 liters in 2005, the cent

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Government funds 'too late' for solving border problems

RIGA - The government decided to allocate 100,000 lats (142,288 euros) to the eastern county of Ludz

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Never before has the Baltic region seen such a flurry on infrastructure activity. In one week a powe

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Eesti in brief - 2006-12-13

Parliament took another step toward becoming an online-friendly nation by allowing business owners t

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Tallinn's top real estate up for grabs

TALLINN - The ownership of nearly 50 prime location real estate sites in Tallinn remains in limbo du

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Dirty tricks foreshadowed in election campaign

TALLINN - Hopes of a clean campaign in the lead-up to Estonia's general election next spring have be

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Amnesty highlights ethnic division

TALLINN - Amnesty International has called on Estonia to address discrimination against its ethnic R

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Shorter days, mild weather contribute to deadly road toll

RIGA - Ten pedestrians were killed in road accidents in Latvia last weekend 's the highest number ev

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Lithuania, Poland agree to build 'power bridge'

VILNIUS - After years of talks and delays, Lithuania and Poland have finally signed a bilateral deal

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U.S. police suspect Latvian involvement in Internet scam

Police in Lincoln, Nebraska have uncovered an Internet scam that could be linked to Latvia, the loca

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