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Brussels addresses Estonian, Latvian border backup

During a meeting in Brussels today, European customs leaders suggested creating common border checkp

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Movie review

A Good YearFearlessA Good Year Based on Peter Mayles' bestselli

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Bumming around in Andrejsala

Andrejsala once operated as Riga's major port, and it still maintains some of its old functions. But

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Out of town: KARLIS NEILIS

Runs through Dec. 14Karlis Neilis was a member of the so-called "Tukums Group

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A dramatic meal in Klaipeda

KLAIPEDA - For those of us who live in Riga, the NATO summit pretty much rendered our city off-limit

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TBT recommends - 2006-11-29

EstoniaCHRISTMAS AT PALAMUSE MUSEUMDec. 7 - 8Who doesn't like

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I'm dreaming of a cool Christmas

TALLINN - In French, a special word is preserved for performers of such grace and style for whom the

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Constructionrises by 16 percent

RIGA - The Latvian national statistics office reported that the nation's construction volume has rea

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SEB predicts rate hikes for Estonia

TALLINN - Bank loans will become more expensive in 2007 due to the continual rise of inter-bank inte

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Russia behind hike in gas prices

TALLINN - The Russian natural gas monopoly, Gazprom, will raise the price of gas sold to the Baltic

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